April, 2014

• "Connected Plus", #1, Emmy Winning, Israeli show Shirly and family is starring on is sold to AOL. Big announcements in the US. Shirly and her family are used in promotional videos all over. Read and see it here »

• Shirly gets a 4 page spread in the Weekend Holiday Passover edition of The Post.
Read the online edition here »
  March, 2014

• Shirly books and is shooting a TV Movie based on the history of the famous Playboy Magazine titled "Beyond a Centerfold". Also starring Dita Von Tesse, Pamela Andersen, and Betty Paige. Also many of the renowned photographers that shot multiple Covers for the magazine. Shooting currently in LA.

Feb, 2014

• Stitch is released in limited theaters and also headed for TV & VOD.
Shirly is getting rave reviews read about it:

• Shirly continues her recurring role on the critically acclaimed zombie series "Chronicles of the Dead". Read about it:

Jan, 2014

• "Connected Plus", Shirly's #1 hit show wins the Emmy for BEST DOCUSERIES.
Read about it here »

• Shirly's latest interview on fitness, health, nutrition and happy healthy living »

• Shirly's Film "Stitch" in which she stars alongside Eduard Furlong gets a selected theatrical release in theaters as well as Blue Ray, DVD, VOD and TV in the US, by Passion River Films.
Read about it here:


Dec, 2013

• Mila books and shoots an AT & T cammpaign

Nov, 2013

• New Cover Story: Shirly Brener Talks 'Connected Plus' in Celebrity Baby Scoop »

• Shirly in a beautiful interview for Mako. Read it here »

• Bruce sets up a show at FOX with the creators of 21/2 Men and Mike & Molly. Read about it here »

• More amazing reviews for Connected Plus from City Mouse. Read about it here »

• Read Shirly's latest interview for Monster Diggare »


Oct, 2013

• The season of Connected Plus is still making waves, 2 months #1 top ratings and top critical reviews. Shirly and Bruce are being called those who stole the show!

• Shirly and Bruce get a 4 page spread in Israeli TV guide, Pnai Plus. Read it here.

• Top reviews Ha-aretz calling Bruce the star of the season and City Mouse calling the special episode that Shirly and Bruce help create one of the beat ones ever on the show's histlry
Read about it here and here.

• Shirly is in NRG's "SHLIFOT" talking about her connection to Israel, Religion , the show and other interesting life lessons. Read about it here.

• Shirly & Bruce in a joint video interview for YNET. Watch now »


September 2013

• Watch the premiere of Connected Plus - the award winning docu-drama Shirly will be starring in starting September 1st on HOT3, or on YouTube.

Watch Now

• Shirly and family travel to Israel for the premiere and promotional tour of "Connected". This season is becoming the highest rated one and the most critically acclaimed.

• Shirly And Bruce's house in Los Angeles is featured in Israel's top Architecture and Design magazine. Read about it here »

• Shirly scores the cover of Israel's biggest fashion magazine: "Woman" ("Laisha").
Read about it here »

• Shirly and TV series "Connected" cast and Shirly are on the cover of the Holiday Edition of Israeli TV Guide - Pnai Plus. Read and watch the behind the scenes here »

• Shirly and Bruce are the September Holiday Cover of TRIBE - the Jewish Journal culture and entertainment magazine. Read the article »

Listen to Shirly's interview on Slutzki & Domingez‎ radio show »

• Shirly and family get a 5 page spread on BC Magazine about their #1 hit show, parenting, their kids and their careers. Read more »

• Shirly is the Cover Girl for the Sucoth Holiday Edition of Yedioth America. Read more »

•Shirly and the rest of the "Connected+" cast are on the Cover of the Sucoth Holiday Edition of Israeli TV Guide - Pnai Plus. Read and watch the behind the scenes here »

August, 2013

• Promos are out for Shirly's new show "CONNECTED" premiering in a month on HOT!!!
Check it out: http://www.ynet.co.il/articles/0,7340,L-4415326,00.html

July, 2013

• Shirly is joining the cast of the Zombie series "Chronicles of The Dead". Press announcenments:

June, 2013

• Shirly shoots a new campaign for designer Anat Marin. She is picked as the Celebrity
Spokesperson for her handbag, leather jackets and accessory line in the US.
Read about it here and here.
May, 2013

• Shirly books and shoots a recurring Guest Star role on the zombie series "Chronicles of the Dead". She is playing Dagny Green the CEO of Harlan Corporation
• Shirly books and shoots a still (secret) campaign for a hot LA label. She will serve as the celebrity spokesperson for the brand.

April, 2013

• Shirly books a guest star/recurring on a new Comedy Central pilot starring 2 muppets that are bad boy stoners. Shirly will play various comedic characters in funny skit. She is shooting on location in Los Angeles. This is the first time Brener is working with puppets. And is describing it as a hilarious, different and fun experience.

March , 2013

• Mila books and tapes commercials for Gilroy Gardens.
• Shirly's movie that she VO'ed GI JOE RETALIATION starring Bruce Willis, Channing Tatum, Duwane "The Rock" Johnson opens to #1 at the box office and is the biggest box office success of 2013, grossing $120 million worldwide in its opening weekend.
Feb 2013

• Mila is chosen out of hundreds of girls to be the voice of a new Disney Rapunzel talking doll.
• Mila's campaign for Gypsy05 is out. Read about it here »

Jan 2013

• Shirly is picked by IMDB (the international movie data base) as #16 out of "996 most popular people in Hollywood who were born in Israel". Read about it here »
• Mila shoots the next installment of the campaign for Gypsy05 for the Spring collection.

  Dec 2012

• Shirly does a voiceover job for NCIS on CBS
• Shirly's animated movie which she did voice over work on, alongside Eric Roberts - Dante's Inferno. Watch the trailer »

Nov, 2012

• Mila books and shoots a national CVS commercial
• Shirly's first blog post in Role Model Magazine is published about becoming a working actor.
Read about it here »
• Shirly's romantic comedy "Hit List" which she stars in gets picked as #6 on the "most romantic comedies" for 2012-2013. Read about it here »

Oct 2012

• Shirly gets a wonderful review and her film "Letting Go". Read about it here »
• Shirly is the cover girl for the magazine "We Are In America" Oct/Nov 2012.

Sept 2012

• Mila, Shirly's 7 year old rising star, just had her film The Time Being starring Wes Bentley and Academy Award Nominee Frank Langella open at Toronto film festival. Now she is picked as the face for the new campaign for Gypsy05, the hip and successful celebrity worn streetwear. Read about it here »
• Mila's campaign for Gypsy05 also gets covered on abbanibi. Read about it here »
• Shirly's latest movie in which she stars, the award winning indie "Letting Go" by director Jake Torem, also starring Bokeem Woodbine, hristopher Knight and many others is featured on NBC's "Extra". Check out the official website here »
• Brener is interviewed for the LA Times as part of a research piece about independent film making and being an actress in these films read about it here »
• The Chicago 8 - political drama Brener produced and is also acting in is getting a release by Warner Brothers. The all star cast also included Danny Masterson, Philliph Baker Hall, Orlando Jones, Gary Cole, Mayim Bialik and many others.
Check out: thechicago8.com and the trailers here.


Aug 2012

• Shirly shoots a recurring role on a new show for Reelz
• Letting Go - a film Brener is starring in, gets picked up for theatrical and other distribution for September 2012. Check out the unique trailer for all the dog, pet and animal lovers out there.

  July 2012

• Shirly is the featured artist of the month on the biggest Jewish ent news on the net - Abbanibi.
Read about it here »

• Shirly does 2 Voice Over jobs for "Dante's Inferno- The Documentary" and "Dante's Inferno- Animated" for dir- Boris Acosca. To be Screened later this summer at the Venice Film Festival.
• Shirly MC's 2 Charity Events for "Benei Zion Foundation" who work in humanitarian ways to supply different projects in Israel with financial needs. This time for a hospital in Haifa to build an underground garage for war times. Read about it here »
  June, 2012

• Shirly's hubby- abstract assemblage artist Bruce Rubenstein, has his grand opening of the gallery in studio city with Eric Roberts and Mickey Rourke in attendance. Read about on:
mabatusa.com »

abbanibi.com »

• Mila has her movie "Imaginary Friend" opposite Lacy Chabert and Paul Sorvino premiere on Lifetime and will be running all summer. Read about it here »

May, 2012

• Shirly does all the Voice Over on the big budget studio film GI Joe: Retaliation, starring Bruce Willing, Duwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Channing Tatum.
• Shirly and her hubby, artist Bruce Rubenstein open their newest venture - the Bruce Rubenstein Gallery in Studio City, CA.

April, 2012

• At 10 weeks old Baby Journey books her first commercial for Sumsung.

  March, 2012

• Shirly signs on for the film "Southern Comfort" a romantic comedy shooting in the Spring in SC . Playing one of the lead characters - Jesse Stokes - the quirky, tough, smart diner owner in Franklin - South Carolina. Directed by up and comer - Ryan Phillips - Cast list to be released soon.
• Shirly also signs on for a 10 episode Sci Fi series as the lead girl. Stay tuned for all the details.
• Shirly is showcased in a special documentary for Channel 10, about her life as a Hollywood actress and mother of 2 watch and read about it here »
  Feb, 2012

• Shirly, Bruce and Mila welcome their newest addition on Feb 5, 2012 - Journey Elle Rubenstein. 7.7 lbs, 20.5 inches. Read all about it here:
www.abbanibi.com »
www.mako.co.il »
www.nrg.co.il »
www.ynet.co.il »
eonline.il.msn.com »

Jan, 2012

• Shirly starts the new year off right by booking the Cover story for the publication "The Magazine" published Jan 1st 2012, where she talks about her life in Hollywood as a career woman, wife and working mother and expecting her new bun in the oven, expected any day now. Read about it here»
• Shirly gets the spotlight artist profile piece in The Network Community. Read about it here»
• Mila books a movie with academy award nominee Frank Langella (playing his grand daughter), Golden Globe nominee Sarah Paulson (playing her daughter) and Wes Bentley. Being shot in LA and San Francisco. From the producers of Pulp Fiction and the Bourne Identity. Read about it here»
• An article about Mila, young star on the rise in abbanibi.com»
Dec, 2011

• Shirly is the cover girl for the national humor, and joke publication "Joker Magazine", they pick her as Ms Joker for the Holiday season. The photos were taken prior to her recent pregnancy. Read about it also here on NRG »
• Shirly's Daughter Mila books a supporting role in the film "180" opposite Lacy Chabert and Amanda Schull.
• Shirly wraps up the year with a beautiful maternity shoot by famed photogrpher Joe Deangelis, while 9 months pregnant with 2nd child. Read and see some of the pics here »
Nov, 2011

• Read about Shirly's lead role in the series "The Mondays" in WSN magazine in "Ten" 10 remarkable people doing 10 cool things on the web. Read the article »
• Brener attends actor Mickey Rourke's honoring of cementing hands and feet at the famous Chinese Grauman's in Hollywood.
• She attends the star studded red carpet premiere for the Immortals.
• Shirly presents the Collaboration Humanitarian award at the Brave Heart Women Awards ceremony to one Palestenian and one Israeli women who are working to bring peace to the Middle East.


Oct, 2011

• Shirly gets caught in a bikini by paparazzi in the beach in Santa Monica at the end of her 6th month of pregnancy. Read more »
• Shirly - 6 months pregnant attends the red carpet premiere in Beverly Hills for the E! Entertainment show "Pawn 90210" , shirly shot one of the episodes playing herself, read about it here, and here.
• Shirly is starring alongside an amazing cast in "The Wholesome All American Family Variety Hour", on the famous Second City stage in Los Angeles. The show is a sketch/comedy/improv show. Shirly also contributed to writing some of the sketches.

Sept, 2011

• Shirly Guest Stars in the new hot series "2.3 per week" on Channel 10 in Israel, playing Meytal - a shy accountant that gets involved with a player sound-man. Read more about it here, and here.
• Shirly Guest Stars in the new E! show "PAWN 90210" playing herself.
• Brener is the MC of the TV Finale of "LA LA LAND" on Sept 6th, read about it on:
- one.co.il
- rinunim.co.il
- eonline.il.msn.com
- mako.co.il

Aug, 2011

• Shirly is shooting  a series lead in the web series "The Mondays" produced by Cigarrette Films, about a non traditional travel agency where the employees travel to paid for locations and report wild antics every monday AM by the water cooler. Series will premiere in the Fall.
• Brener and her hubby announce Shirly's pregnancy and the arrival of their next addition to their family this winter.

July, 2011

• Shirly attends HBO Entourage wrap party. Hubby Bruce Rubenstein brokered a deal for legendary comedian Andrew Dice Clay to star all throughout the next and final season.
• Brener books the series lead in "Mondays" an irreverent "funny or die" type show. Shooting begins late July

June, 2011

• Shirly is in Israel, she is picked as the international Israeli actress spokesperson for Crown Plaza and Africa Hotels. Read more »
• "Letting Go" wins Best Romantic Comedy at Huston Film festival and is picked in Dances With Films Film Festival. The film premieres June 8th at the Sunset Lemmle Theaters.
• "Touched" is opening theaterically in Israel following its premiere on June 5th at Cinema City Theaters Rishon Le-Zion. Read more »
• New article about Shirly's June visit to Israel on rinunim.co.il »
• Another article about Shirly's new movie premiere in Israel on nrg.co.il »
• Shirly is the cover girl for "Tel Aviv Magazine". Read more »

May, 2011

• Shirly is picked as the MC for the FIDF - "Friends of the Israeli Defense Force", event and fashion show featuring dozens of designers and celebs at the Hyatt Plaza in Century City. Other celebs in attendance Sean Penn, Larry King and Haim Sabban. Brener will be wearing designs by Michal Negrin and Dina Bar El. Read more »
• Shirly books a role on the new the Israeli drama series 2.3 and will be en route to Israel to shoot.
• "Touched" gets official release date in Israel for June 9th with big premiere gala June 5th

April, 2011

• "The Chicago 8", a film Brener produced and is acting in alongside names as Danny Masterson, Gary Cole, Phillip Baker Hall and an all star cast, picked to open the the Beverly Hills Film Festival Opening Night. Red Carpet Hollywood premiere in Los Angeles.
• Shirly signs a deal with Israeli designer Michal Nagarin for her Jewelry Line and Couture dresses, where by she will act as the companys' ambassador representing its designs in Hollywood, Israel and the world. She will wear her specialty made designs for red carpet events, premieres, and photoshoots.
• E! entertainment reports from the "Chicago 8" premiere »
• Shirly and her fashion sense in IFEEL website »
• Shirly has an interview on annecarlini.com »
• Shirly Brener will produce a new animation project. Read more on ynet.co.il, edb.co.il.


Mar, 2011

• Shirly is the Cover girl for Balance Magazine - fitness, health and lifestyle. Past cover girls include Angelina Jolie and Julia Roberts.
• Shirly shoots a supporting role in the comedy Pendejo (The Idiot) for director Jai Walia opposite Danny Trejo playing his wife. They are both drug lords. Shot on location in Long Beach. CA.
• Shirly books and is shooting the lead in Stitch: a supernatural thriller opposite Eduard Furlong by Thunderbolt Entertainment, directed by Adrian Ajai Mathai. Shot in downtown LA.

Related Press:

Shirly in Esquire South America

Feb, 2011

• Hit List gets international distribution deal with New Films International.
• Shirly is a guest on daytime talkshow in Israel / Channel 10 - "Beauty Talk with Neama"
• Shirly is in an editorial fashion/beauty section of "AT" (YOU) magazine in Israel.
• Shirly is the Cover Girl for "Mint" magazine for health, fitness and lifestyle, plus a 4 page spread
• She is picked as the Host/MC of the finale of "Chai Be La La Land" also starring Zehava Ben and Aviho Shabat. From the producers of Big Brother, shot in the Henry Fonda theater and televised on YES. All proceeds go to "Larger than Life" for kids with cancer.
• Shirly shoots a guest appearance for a comedy sketch on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. It's a spoof parody on the Lindsay Lohan stealing scandal.

Shirly in Esquire South America

Jan, 2011

• Shirly is the centerfold for FHM magazine with a 4 page spread »
• Shirly books the Feb Cover of "Mint" magazine.
• Shirly is in Israel for the premiere of "Session" which she produced and is acting in alongside Bar Refaeli and Steven Bauer. Directed by Haim Bouzaglo. Check out the press from the premiere:
• rinunim.co.il
• mako.co.il
• ynet.co.il
• walla.co.il

Shirly in Esquire South America

Dec, 2010

• Shirly makes a full page in Esquire - South America, in their section "A funny joke from a beautiful woman"
• Shirly's recent article discusses her international upbringing and holiday traditions at familyfirst.com »
• Brener is in Ynet.co.il with Esquire.
• Brener gets a 4 page spread in the mens magazine Summum titled Sex Appeal and Intelligence, talking about Shirly's range as an actress and her biz savvy.
• Shirly is in Mako.co.il »
• Shirly books a commercial for "Turbo Tax" produced by NBC/Universal being shot on location in LA

Nov, 2010

• Bruce Rubenstein (Shirly's husband) opens his One Man Show, at "The Art District" gallery in Studio City, in attendance, actor Mickey Rourke and 300 other guests and VIPs. The Show will run till mid Nov. Read more »
• "Hit list" , a new film Shirly is starring in opposite Joey Lawrence signed a deal w New Films International for sales for foreign . The company's past credits are "Resident Evil" and "Hannibal" , they are taking the film to AFM (American Film Market) where there will be a special screening and shirly will be promoting it.
• Backstage , the prestigious theater/film/acting/casting publication just published a on Brener's acting/producing. Out on stands now week nov 4th through 11th. Read it »
• Shirly is a guest on the Israeli talk show The Professionals »
• Check out Shirly's latest mens magazine spread»

Shirly Brener Oct, 2010

• "Hit List" , Brener's film in which she starts opposite Joey Lawrnce, gets theatrically released in Israel by United King. Premiere is at the Tel Aviv Cinematheque. Shirly , family, friends, biz assoc all traveling and attending the 400 person red carpet event.
• Shirly talks career, babies, politics and charities to Baby Scoop at celebritybabyscoop.com »
• Shirly attends the 25th anniversary of The Israeli Film Festival, at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, honoring Avi Lerner, Ryan Cavanagh, Richard Dreyfuss, Jon Landau for lifetime achievement awards. Shirly is an ambassador for the festival. Read more »
• Shirly Books spreads in FHM, SUMMUM mens magazines and several others.
• Mila, Shirly's daughter, books and shoot a global "Esprit" campaign.
Sept, 2010

• Shirly gets accepted to the prestigious Conservatory program at Second City (Training Center). Past Alumni include Tina Fay and Steve Carrel.
• Brener is on location in Los Angeles shooting "Starlight Inn" playing a rookie but tough cop, by asian female director Jean Shim.
• Shirly attends 30 years for PETA, awards and gala.
Radar Pictures Aug, 2010

• Shirly joins Radar Pictures (The Last Samurai, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Runaway Bride, All About Steve, Chronicles of Riddick) as the new VP of Business Development. She signed a multiple year contract, under which she will also produce movies with the company. The company is developing numerous titles with stars such as Will Farrel, Daniel Craig, Tyler Perry, Julia Roberts and others. Brener is thrilled to be working under Ted Field. One of the greatest figures in business and entertainment in the last 3 decades. Known for starting "Interscope Records" and singing acts such as No Doubt and Eminem. As wll as producing 60 of the most famous titles in film history (Cocktail, Bill and Ted's Greatest ...and many many others)
• "The Chicago 8" wins the top prize for "Best Feature Film 2010" at the Peachtree International Film Festival in Atlanta. Shirly produced this film and is also acting in it alongside Gary Cole (Entourage) Danny Masterson (that 70's show), Phillip Baker Hall (Magnolia) and Thomas Ian Nicholas (American Pie) The Festival is run and organized by famed dir/prod Tyler Perry.
• Check out Shirly's latest interview in Fashion Forward Magazine »
• Shirly got picked to co-host part of the famous Chabad Telethon, hosted by Larry King!! Read more »

July, 2010

• Mila shoots the spring campaign for Saurette.
• Shirly's new press at Pop Culture Madness read more »



June, 2010

• Shirly and Mila book a job for famous toy maker Mattel. They will grace the product of a new Disney product coming to shelves 2011.
• Shirly is the Cover Girl for "Yedioth America", nationally.
• ScreensDaily announces Blood Hostage. Read more »
• Movie Mavericks trade announces Shirly's deal with Praxis and Blood Hostage. Read More »
• More Blood Hostage news in trades »

May, 2010

• Shirly completes her 10 week mentoring program at The Young Storyteller, (founded by JJ Abrams) where she mentored an 11 year old boy from St Ann's school, write a short screenplay, which was performed in front of a live audience on May 10th.
• Shirly is presented on the cover for Style Cafe Moms as their May Cover Girl. See it here »
• Shirly is the cover girl for "We in America" magazine. Read more »

April, 2010

• Blood Hostage - film Shirly is producing as part of her deal with Praxis  is on its way, rewrite, hiring of actors, contracts, pre production starts end of month in Israel
• The Monica 90404 premiers this month, look out for Shirly's and the rest of the cast's Billboard on Ventura and Vineland in Studio City
• Shirly is the new proud client of Glick Agency.
• Baby Couture: Shirly's and Mila's 8 page spread is out in news stands national this month.
See it here »

  March 2010

• Shirly's new producing venture Asleep At The Wheel is announced in the trades.
Read more »
• Shirly gives an in depth interview supporting her academy as an alumni of one of the most prestigious acting schools in Los Angeles - The Beverly Hills Playhouse. Read it here »

Feb, 2010

• Shirly Brener (VP of US Praxis office) and Eviatar Dotan (CEO of Praxis) are finishing up a joint agreement with Radar Pictures (The Last Samurai, Runaway Bride, Texas Chainsaw Massacaare) whereby they will collaborate on several projects.
• Check out Shirly's new webseires "The Monica 90404" on Facebook and on the official site.
• "Asleep at the Wheel", Brener's next producing project is greenlit. Dir is Billy Chartoff (Rocky Balboa, The Mechanic)

Jan, 2010

• Shirly is closing the deal on the action film Blood Hostage which she is producing alongside Praxis- directed by Isaac Florentine (Undisputed, Ninja) Scott Adkins and Vinnie Jones. Pre-Prod starts in her homeland - Israel in March 2010
• Shirly is booked on a 5 page spread for the national magazine Baby Couture. Shoot takes place in the family's Hollywood Hills Home alongside Mila.
• Brener signs with new great agency- Pantheon.

Dec, 2009

• "Santa Monica 90404" Shirly's new webseries, will premiere Jan 2010, it also got picked up for more episodes. Shooting will resume soon. Watch trailer here »
• Read Shirly's new interview in Racks and Razors by Owen Keehnen here »

Nov, 2009

• "Touched" (from the French producers of The Class) is selected to open the prestigious Dominican Republic film festival (the largest one in Latin America) they are flying Shirly for 4 days for the world premiere and PR in lat November
• "30 days to Die" , Shirly's latest horror/thriller premieres at the AFM. Article and trailer here »
• Shirly travels for 8 days to the Dominican Republic , "Touched" opens the DRGFF (Dominican Republic Global Film Festival)with a glamorous premiere in the National theater, attending are Omar Shariff and Leonel Fernandez- the President of the Dominican. Brener travels from city to city screening the film, doing press and answering Q and As.

Oct, 2009

• Check out Shirly's trailer and website for her new movie "Hit List" also starring Joey Lawrence , John Savage and Andrea Evans. View Trailer »
• Shirly books one of the Series Regulars/Leads in "Santa Monica 90404" web series, the show is a comedy spoof on shows like The OC and Beverly Hills 90210. Will be shot in Los Angeles in Nov
• Mila is booked to walk the runway for Saurette and continuing her relationship w the company, and the campaign , she will shoot their looks for the Summer of 2010.
• Shirly is a presenter at the Stuntwomen of Hollywood Award Ceremony at the Skirball Center in Los Angeles

Sept, 2009

• Shirly books a supporting role in "The Chicago 8" alongside Danny Masterson, Phillip Baker Hall and Orlando Jones. Shooting in LA, Brener will play a juror threatened by the Black Panthers. Story is based on the famous trials again the 8 protesters during the Vietnam War,
• Streets of Blood aka Microwave Park the film shirly is in starring Val kilmer, Sharon Stone and 50 Cent, is out on DVD, it sold over 6 million copies, a staggering number for video sales.

Aug, 2009

• Mila shoots the campaign for the fashion lable Saurette. Shot on location in Los Angeles, Shirly joins for in for a bunch of shots. Mila will be featured as the "face of Saurette" for the Fall collection.
• Shirly is busy producing the first feature on the slate w Praxis Films, to be shot in Louisiana in late Sept.
  July, 2009

• Shirly signs a 5 picture development and first look deal with Praxis films. The first, "Wisdom of the Pretzel" (based on the best selling novel and the successful Israeli Romantic Comedy of the same title) to begin shooting  late Sept in Louisiana. All films are slated to shoot by end of 2010.
• She is currently in Israel working.
• She is interviewed by Channel 2 Prime Time News.
• She is the a guest on the live morning show on KESHET Channel 2.
June, 2009

• Shirly secures a deal for the reality show that she is a producer on - "Demolition Chef" - with Small World- a world wide distributor also the production compoany for ABC's "How i survived a Japanese Game Show"
• She attends the opening night Gala at the Egyptian Theater for the 24th Israeli Film Festival
• Brener options a Kid TV Show, titled "My Magical World" a 3 part dvd series which is Baby Einstein meets Dora the Explorer, and is putting together a team to sell to the networks.

May, 2009

• Shirly Signs on to Star as the lead in Cheerleaders Must Die! a teen/thriller/horror distributed by National Lampoon and also starring Danielle Harris (Halloween)and Lochlyn Munroe (White Chick, Unforgiven) Directed by Zeke Pinheiro.
• Shirly is the Cover Girl for prestigious national magazine- The Jewish Journal for the festive Israeli Independence Day Issue. Read it »

April 2009

• Shirly is named by Esquire magazine in their April 2009 issue, as one of the 5 most up and coming Israeli actresses working in Hollywood today.
March 2009

• Shirly is named by Esquire Magazine as one of the 5 top Israeli Actresses to watch as an up and comer - hard issue comes out nationally in April. Preview it here »
• She is in the midst of shooting "Hit List" some new cameos in the film by Bryce Johnson, Curtis Armstrong ,Chris Owen and Michael Kostroff.

February 2009

• Shirly signs on to star in the new Romantic Comedy- "Hit List", the film is part Mr and Mrs Smith, part Bridgette Jones Diary. Shooting begins immediatly in Los Angeles. Directed by Minh Collin, co-stars Joey Lawrence as Shirly's love interest and Andrea Evans and John Savage as her parents.
• She is the cover girl for ManTalk magazine
• she has a 2 page celeb pictorial in Inked.

January 2009

• Shirly has the main featured article and Cover  in "Beauty Magazine". Read more »
• Shirly has new press pictorials She is the Cover Girl for "MenTalk" magazine, she also has spreads both in "Inked" and "Valley" magazines.
• She will attend Golden Globes post parties.

December 2008

• Brener attends the LA premiere of "The Wrestler"
• Daily Variety's Players section has Shirly with her new movie role. Read more »
• Shirly is shooting "Touched" in Downtown LA, Burbank and West Hollywood. She is the Lead and is working daily long hours. She loves her role of a bi-polar, schizophrenic and is challanged by it.
• Shirly and Mila shoot the Leads in a short film sponsered by Gen Art/Downey and the People's Choice Awards called "Hug it Forward". It will compete at the Awards ceremony in Feb and will be televised.
• Mila's WalMart commercial is now airing everywhere.
-She attends the star studded premiere at the Chinese Mann Theater for "Nothing Like the Hollidays"
• Shirly is interviewd for the Jan/Feb issue of Valley Magazine.
November 2008

• Shirly is booked as the cover girl for "Women's World"- national magazine.
• She shoots with Brian B. Hayes for several other publications like - the January cover of "LA Health".
• She is booked on a celebrity pictorial for Ink magazine (a national Nylon publication) as well as celebrity article pictorial for Valley Magazine.
• "Criminal Minds" episode of Shirly as Adrianna airs Nov 12th, 9pm CBS.
• "Judgment Day", films starring Shirly is released this month on Spike TV and Sci Fi Channel.
• Shirly books the Lead in "Touched". She will play a bi-polar,manic depressive, schizophrenic abusive mother (like "Mommy Dearest"). This is her most important and psychologically challanging role to date. The nicely budgeted indie- real life story is in the vain of "Monster" or "Boy's Dont Cry". Also supporting are Loretta Devine( Gray's Anatomy) and Shalim Ortiz (Heroes). Dir is Dan Neira (Spin). Produced by W. Entertainment and Red Baron. Film is shooting in LA in DEC. currently cast and crew are in rehearsals. Brener beat 200 other girls for the role including Alecia Witt.
• Mila, shirly's superstar in the rising toddler, is chosen as the Lead girl in the new national WalMart commercial.
October, 2008

• Shirly is the Cover Girl for "New Living Magazine" out in stands now, plus an article about her career and Righteous Kill.
• She is booked and shoots a layout for "Supermodels Unlimited" magazine for their Nov/Dec issue of the "100 most beautiful people".
• She is booked for the front row for LA Fashion Week in Smashbox studios for designer Lana fuchs, the designer is dressing her for the show as well.
• Brener will be a presenter at the Awards for Stuntwomen in Hollywood, alongside Angela Basset and Mimi Leader.
• She is a guest on Playboy radio.
September, 2008

• The much anticipated Jon Avnet directed- cop drama, starrring Robert De Niro and Al Pacino opens nation wide sept 12th on 3000 screens released by Overture. Followed by a worldwide opening. Brener is excited and so grateful to have been a part of this production.
• Shirly is in NY for the "Righteous Kill" Premiere at the Ziegfield Theater in Manhattan. Many of her personal and professional guest are with her. She is wearing a dress by Israeli designer- "Nel" (Nili Azlan) and jewelry by Orka- Messica.
• She is a guest on "The Strech Show" on Maxim Radio, and "Out Q " on the Derek and Romaine Show in New York
• She attends the Bloomingdales post fashion show for fashion week party
• Shirly , her husband Bruce and her toddler Mila attend the IGOR premiere at the Chinese Mann Theater in Hollywood.
• She gives an interview for "The Jewish Magazine"- for their art and entertianment cover.
• Shirly is the Mistress of Ceremony for the big benefit charity gala in Beverly Hills for "Yad Beyad" for needy children and for the "Israeli Air force". She recieves an honorary plaque for her philanthropic efforts.
• Variety article on Righteous Kill here.
August, 2008

• Shirly Books a guest spot on Criminal Minds for CBS.
• Brener is booked as the Host/MC for the charity gala event for 'Yad BeYad' (Hand in Hand) who provide for needy kids in Israel. Event is to take place sept 3rd in Beverly Hills. Guests of honor include Sharon Stone and former Israeli defense minister Dan Haluz.
• Shirly is the Cover Girl for "Yedioth America" plus a 4 page spread.
• She gives an interview for AREA magazine in the UK.
• Shirly is interviewd for the October cover of "New Living Magazine".
• She attends a charity red carpet event at Les Deux in Hollywood.

July, 2008

• Shirly books a role in the new Lindsay Lohan fim- "Labor Pains". Project is lensing in Burbank and Sherman Oaks in LA.
• An article in Ynet gets published re: Brener booking "Labor Pains". Ynet.co.il »
• Shirly and Mila book a print ad for Disney for their "Princess Franchise", they of
course play mother and daughter (Mila got to be a mini Cinderella).

June, 2008

• Shirly books a role in "Judgement Day" a film for Spike TV, directed by Justin Jones for Bullet Films, playing an NSA White House correspondant. It's shooting on location in Lafayette, Louisiana.
• Brener attends the LA opening of the Israeli Film Festival for Israel's 60th at the Bevely Hills Hilton.
• Shirly Volunteers at Castly Hights School for their Literacy program.

May, 2008

• Brener books a new great film - Microwave Park, also titled Streets of Blood with Val Kilmer, Sharon Stone and 50 cent. She will be playing a very edgy role of a crack taking, gang ho, white girl living in the projects in louisiana. Film is directed by Charles Winkler, son of Irwin Winkler - who produced such hollywood classics as Raging Bull and Goodfellas shooting takes place over the next couple of months on location in Shrevport Louisiana.
• War Inc, the political satire with John Cusack, Hillary Duff, Marissa Tomei and Ben Kingsley opens theatrically across the US on May 23rd. Brener plays John Cusack's wife who gets murdered in the film.
• An article about Shirly booking "Microwave Park" aka "Streets of Blood" is published on onejerusalem.com »
April, 2008

• Brener books a supporting role in "The Dunwich Horror" for the Sci Fi Channel, she will be working alongside the legendary Dean Stockwell, working in Louisiana this month.
• Shirly books and works doing all the ADR/Post/Looping for the new Adam Sandler comedy "You Dont Mess with the Zohan"- her voice will be an integral part of many of the scenes.
• Shirly gets her own daily radio segment together with her friend and producer Lati Grobman in Radio South in Israel, they humorously chat about entertaiment and their life in Hollywood as working filmakers.
• "Girls Gone Dead", horror film where Brener is one of the leads is locked and screened and getting ready for distribution.
• Brener is interviewd for the cover story for The Jewish Journal »
March, 2008

• Shirly books the lead - Amy in "Unraveled"- a first part in a trilogy of horror films, this one in the vain of "Cabin Fever". Directed by B.C. Hickey and to be distributed by LionsGate, film will shoot in Santa Clarita and Lake Arrowhead. She is also a co-producer on this film.
• Brener gets signed by Coast to Coast for both voice-over and print divisions. The company already reps her commercially.
• Shirly is doing the coverage for Y BE 10 for "Nim's Island". She is interviewing Jodie Foster, Gerard Butler and directors Mark Levin and Jennifer Flacket.
• Shirly together with her 3 year old daughter attend the "Readalicious" event at the Hyatt in Century City to promote literacy for children. Shirly reads stories to inner-city children.
• Brener scores a blurb in the weekend edition of Daily Variety regarding her reps and her new project with De Niro. Read it here »
Feb, 2008

• Shirly does a cameo in "Autodoc" an indie about the Dadaist art movement happening in current day Riverside, she plays an up and coming IT girl actress named Veronica.
• She attends "The Eye" premiere at the Arclight Cinermadome in Hollywood.
in Feb News
• Shirly wearing Versace from Mad Money premiere, makes the pages of InStyle Magazine (Germany) »
• She attends jewelry showing at the Luxe hotel in Beverly Hills
• Shirly attends Candies event at Hyde
• She attends an evening for "Bufort"- Israeli film nominated for Academy Award
• Brener is interviewed for Israel's movies portal - seret.co.il »
• Shirly attends the "Live for Sderot" event for the Israeli consulate.
Jan, 2008

• Shirly is officially announced in the press as being added as a series regular to Y BE 10 as the LA host, reporter and correspondant for entertainment news.
• Shirly attends the star studded premire of "Mad Money" in Westwood with Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise.
• Brener attends the Sundance Film Festival in Park City Utah
• Shirly attends the Rambo Premiere in Las Vegas- Planet Hollywood
Dec, 2007

• Shirly is working for the entertainment news show Y BE 10 covering the ABC/Disney TV lineups for Criminal Minds, Samantha Who?, Sexy Dirty Money, Dirt, to name a few.
• She signed with a new top agency - Global Artists (company reps series regulars on Entourage, CSI, Numbers and others)
• Shirly shoots a segment for Y BE 10 about famed paparazzi photographer E. L Woody, in the process he turns the camera on her and decides she is a rising star. Read more »
• Shirly attends the IDF (Israeli Defence Forces) charity gala dinner at the Beverly Hills Hilton.
• She does the "Young Storey Tellers"- reading writing its exciting, (program was created by JJ Abrams) charity evening that she is involved in, acting out scripts that were written by 5th graders at Castle Hights elementry school.

November, 2007

• Shirly books a job for the company PlayHut (for toys & camping equipment) she will grace the boxes of a couple of their products avail in Target, WalMart etc in Spring, '08
• She is booked as a guest in a "Chanuka Telethon" for Chabad, raising money with a pledge - special airs on Dish Network- Dec 9th.
• she attends the "Lupus Ladies Bag Luncheon" at the Beverly Wilshire and also donated 2 of her designer purses for the cause.
• She is a guest on "Radio 99".

October, 2007

• Shirly shoots “Righteous Kill” with De Niro and Pacino on location in Connecticut
Rob Dyrdek, skateboarding champ is cast as the pimp to her character- Natalya
• “Letting Go”, in which shirly is the lead opposite such up and comers as Bokeem Woodbine, Sam Golzari, and Christopher Knight, is in its final editing process, to proceed to the festival circuit beginning of 2008
• An article by E! Entertainment (Israel) is published about the actress, see it here »
Sept, 2007

• Shirly books a supporting role in the $60 million Jon Avnet ("Fried Green Tomatoes", "Sky Captain and the World of Tommorow") film - "Righteous Kill", starring Robert De Niro and Al Pacino.
In this cinematic history the two giants co-star alongside each other for the first time
Brener will share screen time with both. Also in the cast: John Leguizamo, Donnie Wahlberg, 50 Cent, and Brian Dennehy.
• She attends the post Emmys HBO party, dress by Israeli designer- Galit Levi
• Brener signs with a new top management - Nine Yards, Luber/Roklin Entertainment, company’s other clients include Paul Walker, Jamie Pressley, Joss Stone and Fred Durst.

August, 2007

• "Eccentric" gets rave reviews and 'pick of the week' at LA Weekly, calling Brener's performance "Sharp".
• Shirly books and shoots another job for her homeland hosting a TV Special for Y-B-10 Entertainment News about "The Bold and the Beautiful".
• Eccentric got nominated for "Best Theatrical Show" by the LA WEEKLY awards in November.

July, 2007

• The Killing Grounds (AKA-Children of Wax) the film Shirly has a lead in opposite Armand Assante and Udo Kier is out on DVD everywhere, it got picked up by the Weinstein Co.
• "Eccentric" opens at the RipRap Theater in NoHo on July 12th for previews, Premeire is July 21st, Brener plays "Natasha" a a fantasy-like character in this provocative-sexual play.
• Brener is guest on the IDF radio station for the 4th of July.


June, 2007

• Shirly is a special guest at "The Tonight Show with Lior Shlayn" 100th show.
• Brener attends the red carpet premeire of "Hollywood Dream" a 5 episode documentry TV Series that she was the host r for, and that she is also interviewd in.
• Shirly booked a role in the provocative and edgy play "Eccentric" by Ernest Hemmings, scheduled to open in NOHO, at the RipRap theater in July 2007, she will play Natasha. Rehearsals to begin immediatly.
• Brener is on location in Syracuse, upstate NY shooting her role as 'Sandy' in "Session".
May, 2007

• Shirly is the Host for the finale of "Amercian Idol" for Erev-Tov -Guy-Pines (Israeli ET).
• Principal Photography of "Session" (with Steven Bauer and Bar Refaeli), The "Hollywood Reporter" announces the project with Brener as an Actress and Producer.
• Shirly attends her friend's -Autumn Reeser's (The OC) "Spring Cleaning" clothes swap.
• Shirly Attends the charity event and conducts red carpet interviews for "Lupus LA" at the Beverly Hills Hotel.
April, 2007

• Shirly is inking a deal to produce her first full length feature film. She will be collaborating with helmer Haim Bouzaglo (one of Israel's greatest directors- producers, writers of all time). The project titled "Session" is set to begin principal photography in May 2007 in Syracuse, NY. Of Course, Brener is acting in the project as well. The film stars Steven Bauer( "Scar Face", "Traffic"), Tom Bower and Bar Refaeli.
• She attends the Beverly Hills Film Festival opening night as a celeb guest.
• Shirly attends a cancer benefit for "Stage 1" foundation at the Beverly Wilshire hotel , hosted by Lance Armstrong.
March 2007

• Shirly gets a 5 page spread in the architectural magazine Grand Tour (+article).
• She is the cover girl for the weekend edition newspaper Ma'ariv (+article).
• Brener is a guest on Keshet - TV morning show.
• She is a guest twice on IDF (Galatz) radio show hosted by Rafi Reshef.
Feb, 2007

• Shirly booked the E! Entertainment correspondence for her homeland for the Academy Awards. The star studded Oscar show will follow her around and showcase her as a israeli/celeb in hollywood. She will conduct all red carpet arrivals and post parties- interviews.
• Mila books a national magazine editorial for Women's Wear Daily.
• Shirly is an attendee at the post Oscar '07 Billboard Magazine party.
Jan 2007

• Brener booked a supporting role in the new romantic comedy "Blond Ambition", again starring Jessica Simpson!, Luke Wilson, Penelope Ann Miller, Jaime Kennedy and Rachel Lee Cook. The film is in the likes of "Working Girl" and "The Devil Wears Prada", scheduled to be theatrically released in 2007 by Sony and directed by Scott Marshall- Gary Marshall's son!
• "Employee of the Month" is released to Video/DVD, Brener makes it into the "trialer/promo" again.
• Shirly attends the Golden Globes post parties
• Brener is a this month's featured celebrity Isabella.
December 2006

• Brener booked another film , in the romantic comedy titled "Moving In" together with baby Mila, they will be playing mother and daughter, director is Griff Furst, this is their second project together.
• Shirly is a guest on Air America radio on the show "Harrison on the Loose" it was broadcast on NPR (National Public Radio).
• shirly is an honorary guest of the Israeli consulate and the Mayor of Haifa for an opening for the photography exhibition in the Simon Visenthal Center about Haifa during the war.
• She books a Lead in a trailer for a film directed by Indian director Paul Mahajan, playing a devout Catholic, sensitive , beautiful Nurse.
November 2006

• Shirly booked a role in the new John Cusack film titled Brand Houser - War Inc. It stars Cusack, Sir Ben Kingsley, Marisa Tomei,Hilary Duff. Dir. is Joshua Seftel. Written by Cusac and Jeremy Pikser - also known from writing the acclaimed "Bullworth"- The Prod Company is New Crime Prod. (High Fidelity). Brener is thrilled to be joining this all star cast with Oscar Winners. She will be playing John Cusack's wife in the film. Release is in 2007.
• Brener gives an interview for the Telucan Times
• Shirly apprears in national syndicated column alongside Jennifer Aniston and the film DreamGirls.
October 2006

• Shirly gets booked on CNN to do 2 interviews, one about her favorit charity- Narconnon- a drug rehab center and the other about the political situation in Israel and her nationality and also about all her upcoming projects. Both interviews aired over 50 times after Headline News.
Watch the video »

• Shirly travles to Israel to shoot the film Honor ('Kavod') directed by helmer Haim Buzaglo, she stars opposite one of the nations biggest stars - Zeev Revah and plays an udercover cop.
• Shirly graces the cover of the magazine US in America. Out in newstands everywhere in the US.
• Shirly collaborates with a publicity event for Loreal-Israel for her hair
• She gives an extensive electornic press interview for E! Entertainment.
• Employee of the Month starring Jessica Simpson, Dane Cook and Brener is realeased October 6th nationwide in theatersopens.
• Shirly does Playboy Radio and gives a full hour interview on air.
• She is interviewd by 7 Days and Penai Plus in Israel.
• She signes with a exclusive managment company in Israel- Sharon Inc.
• Shirly does interview for Mania TV- morning show- "Wake the Hell Up".
September, 2006

• "Employee of the Month" premiers in Chinese Greuman's Theater. Shirly attends the star studded premire with a designer dress from Eva Minge- Brener also signes autographs and takes pics with fans.
• she books and shoots a supporting/cameo in "Crystal Lake" (aka. Girls Gone Dead) directed by Griff Furst and also starring Stephan Furst. Its a homage to the horror genre. Shirly loved getting brutaly murdered, it was also the first time she got a head cast.
• She is picked by Savvy.com Men's Magazine as "the one to watch"!
• "Petrified" is released on video and cable.
August, 2006

• Shirly books the Lead role in the indie film "Letting Go", directed by Jake Torem Dir. Jake Torem made his debut directing off Broadway with plays such as "Valhalla" and "Mine Games". His first feature film the provocative and controversial feature titled "Looking through Lillian", won awards at numerous festivals including Grand Prize at Houston.
• In "Letting Go", Brener plays April - a manic depressive fashion designer from NYC. The film is being shot in and around Los Angeles.
• Shirly attends the Emmy post parties with a dress from designer Eva Minge, her picture then appears in STAR magazine
• "Petrified", i nwhich she has a Lead in, gets released on video
• "The Killing Grounds" (aka - Children of Wax) in which Shirly is the Lead, opposite Armand Assante get purchased by Sony for mainly video and cable distribution.
July, 2006

• Shirly booked a commercial for LapStyle, playing a tough/sexy Catholic schoolgirl teacher. It will air on MTV/VHI starting late Aug, 06.
• Shirly Executive Produced a short film titled: Shoot with cameos by Nicki Six and Jonathan Silverman. Its a spoof on the music industry. It was #1 on IFILMS all month.
June, 2006

Brener booked a supporting role in the film "Bill"- starring Aaron Eckhart and Jessica Alba. Brener plays a nurse who takes care of Eckhart's character- Bill. The dark coming of age comedy is currently shooting in St. Louis and produced by GreenStreet Films (In The Bedroom, SwimFan, Up Town Girls). Its directed by Bernie Goldman and Melisa Wallack and set to premier at the Cannes Film Festival in Spring- 2007.
May, 2006

• Shirly booked a pilot for her homeland titled: "The Industry". She will host this show which will be a bit like The View, a bit like ET and a bit MTV. It will have stories about entertainment, fashion, lifestyle of both Hollywood and Jewish/Israeli celebes and success stories. The pilot is now in pre-production and will be shot mid July. The show will shoot in LA and broadcast abroad.
• Baby Mila booked 2 jobs: JC Penny catalogue and SarahBella boutique fashions catalogue.
April, 2006

shirly shoots a 'Cameo' for director John Herzfeld's (2 Days in the Valley) new film: The Death and Life of Bobby Z, starring Laurence Fishburne and Paul Walker. Brener plays a surfer girl involved with infamous Bobby Z in his drug trafficking of marijuana. The film is produced by Alcon Ent and Eclectic Pic and scheduled to release by Warner Bros.

Baby Mila books an editorial for Fit Pregnancy- national magazine to be featured in the Sep- Oct, 2006 issue.
March, 2006

• Brener, booked a big budget studio film starring: Jessica Simpson, Dane Cook, Andy Dick, Dax Shephard, and Eva Longoria. The film titled "Employee of the Month" is estimated at a $40 mill budget and is directed by Greg Coolidge. Shirly is excited to be involved in this funny project in the genre of 'American Pie'. The producers- Andrew Panay and Peter Abrams of Tapestry Films are knows for such hits as "Wedding Crashers" and "Serendipity". Brener plays a cute girl that shops at the local WallMart/ Costco type store, her role is hilarious! The film is currently shooting on location in New Mexico. The comedy is scheduled for a 2006 summer release.
• Shirly booked a national Honda commercial. The stylized spot is directed by Jasper Ericstam and was shot by Andrzi Sekula- former DP of "Pulp Fiction" and "Reservoir Dogs" . The spot shot in LA and is scheduled to go on air immediatly.
Feb, 2006

• Shirly booked a lead role in the film PETRIFIED shooting in LA this month, directed by Charles Band- the largest director/producer of cult horror films currently in the video market
shirly is excited to join the great team of FULLMOON FILMS, The film is scheduled to air on the Sci Fi Channel in mid 2006.
• Shirly booked a voiceover job and lends her voice to a film about XLART.
Jan, 2006

Shirly booked a supporting role in the upcoming Israeli film- 'Honor' directed by one of the greatest Israeli directors of all time- Haim Buzaglo. Buzaglo is an international award winning director with prizes from Berlin, Venice and other festivals, including winning several Israeli Academy Awards- shirly is honored to be working with him in the Mafia- Godfather inspired film. It is set to shoot in Tel- Aviv late april.
Dec, 2005

Baby Mila shoots a cover for BabyTalk magazine, a national TimeWarner publication
August 2005

Shirly booked an editorial for SELF magazine to be shot together with baby Mila.
July 2005

Shirly Brener will be MC'ing the main Benefit event of the Israeli Women's Festival in Los Angeles. Shirly will lead a lucrative evening of film, fashion, industry and women of achievement. Shirly is also one of the Festival's honorary guests. All the proceeds of the festival will be donated for women's causes and charities. The main event will take place on September 18th, 2005 at Ertetz Culture, 6170 Wilbur Ave. Tarzana, Ca 91335
June 2005

Shirly Brener shot a supporting role in a film 'Mercenary For Justice' starring action star Steven Segal, playing a reporter for a 'CNN like' channel. Producers offered Brener the role after watching her work on 'The Killing Grounds (aka - Children of Wax) '. This is Shirly's first action film. She loved shooting in a military base with tanks, explosions and helicopters. Her voice-over opens the film and carries the viewers into the main action.
April 2005

Shirly Brener shot the lead role in the feature film 'The Killing Grounds (aka - Children of Wax) '. The film also stars Armand Assante (Mambo Kings, Striptease, Gotti) and Udo Keir (Armageddon). The movie was produced by legendary producer Menahem Golan known from Cannon Group, who produced and directed over 300 films (Bloodsport, Mortal Combat). In the film she plays a German Neo- Nazi, this is Shirly's most challenging part to date as she was born in Israel and her grandmother is a Holocaust survivor. She loved that the film had an anti- hate, anti- drug, anti- racism message and dedicated many hours for this role. The film was also demanding physically as Shirly used fire arms, drove fast cars and did various stunts.
February 2005

Shirly gives birth to a baby girl- 8 lbs 4 oz, 21.5 inches, she names her Mila Brener Rubenstein, after her beloved deceased grandfather- Mila- the name means Sweetie and Industrious in Slavic Languages and Miracles in Spanish. Shirly is absolutely in love with Mila and is a very dedicated mother.
January 2005

Shirly Brener gets her first national US cover on E- Pregnancy magazine. In the shoot shirly was actually only 5 months pregnant and they had to pad her stomach for an extra pregnant look.

October 2004

Shirly Brener books the commercial print campaign for Childish Clothing- the company custom made the clothes for Gweneth Paltrow, Debra Messing and Cortney Cox.

June 2004

Shirly Brener is the spokesperson for the Israeli restaurant chain – River. It is a very controversial layout where they dress her as an institutionalized patient dinning at the restaurant. The campaign is states "River of the nights vis definitely not the river of the day".
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