Shirly Brener: Charity Work

Shirly Brener is part of several non- profit as well as charity and volunteer work. Shirly has always saw her role as an actor and artist to help those around her as well as spread her giving to other causes that are dear to her. Growing up, she was inspired by her Grandmother -Michal who founded- GAN-HAYELED an after school facility for children with disabilities.

Shirly joined the Board of Directors of The Haifa Foundation- raising contribution for the city she was born- Haifa for notable causes. In this process, she helped raise monies for the local schools, universities, parks, old peoples homes etc. She also helped raise some money for her dear Grandmother's cause.

Brener also volunteers at Narconon- a successful world wide drug rehabilitation organization. Shirly would go to the Newport Beach location and help around, keep company to the recovering addicts and do chores at the center. Brener plans to continue helping out in her free time at other Narconon locations around Los Angeles.

In 2006, Brener is joining another dear to her heart cause- The Foundation For Living Beauty- a young non-profit charity organization, raising awareness for women's cancer. Brener lost her other dear Grandmother- Vally , to the terrible disease and has known personally many woman afflicted by the likes of breast and ovarian cancer. She plans to help and encourage woman around the world and grow together with this organization..