Zhensko Tzarstvo:

'I want to be an ambassador of goodwill'

The Hollywood actress Shirly Brener plays the leading part in the movie The Killing Grounds (aka - Children of Wax) , shot in Bulgaria. She was born in Israel. Hardly two years old, she took part in advertising spots for Mercy chocolates, which marked the beginning of her star career. She acted in many Israeli films and TV and partnered with such actors such as Val Kilmer and Sam shepherd, Harvey Keitel and Mira Sorvino, Nastassja Kinski. She majored in History of Arts. The international production 'The Killing Grounds (aka - Children of Wax) ' is a psychological thriller with elements of action. It takes place in Berlin. Two local gangs- a skinhead and a Turkish one, colliding with each other, are at the center of the events- Brener stated that the film is an anti- war, anti- drug, anti- racism and she is thankful to be in a way an ambassador of anti hatred messages.