Yedoit Aharonot Daily:

'Shirly Brener, Reporting from Los Angeles...'

Shirly Brener known for Ramat Aviv Gimel and as a rising starlet in Los Angles, hoped over to Israel for a visit after completing the shoot of 2 movies back to back- The Killing Grounds (aka - Children of Wax) with Armand Assante and Mercenary with Steven Segal. Brener is now developing a secondary real estate career- buying homes renovating them and then selling for a profit. Brener has a new baby girl- Mila who is charming, calm, always smiling and sensitive. Brener brought her to the set and the baby was completely quite every time the director yelled 'action'- Brener attributes her own calmness to the baby's presence. When asked if she misses to have her name in the Israeli tabloids on a weekly basis , she replies "every successful actor becomes part of the media, it is a part of this profession and I have no problem with it".