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Israel- Shalom LA: Shirly Brener On Top of the World

Shirly Brener has achieved a lot in the last 6 months, she gave birth to a baby girl, she completed shooting two movies and in these very days she is renovating her dream house in the Hollywood Hills. Life never looked sweeter for the Israeli actress who is remembered by many from the show Ramat Aviv Gimel. Even though shirly is first and far most an actor, she insists that she has many other things in her life that interest her for example her husband Bruce and her beautiful baby girl- Mila. I believe that people who are in this business of film and televising have to find themselves other outlets otherwise you fall into a a difficult emotional turbulence whether or not you got a role and your whole life revolves around it. I have found many other interests like my Masters in Business Administration that I am enrolled at Pepperdine University, my daughter who is my whole world, husband, my real estate etc . This is how I keep my sanity. Brener completed the film The Killing Grounds (aka - Children of Wax) in which she plays a German Neo Nazi and Mercenary starring Steven Segal in which she plays a field reporter - her voicover and character open the movie and set the tone for the viewers. She arrived on set with the new baby and she makes it look so easy. In a town (LA) that has an abundance of actors and actresses shirly is able to cope in this aggressive industry by the mere fact that she books roles and has been successfully working professionally in the last 8 years. Even while pregnant shirly was working, booking the coveted cover for the E-Pregnancy magazine. She keeps a positive attitude feeling that even if she did not get a role, it does not matter, because she enjoys the process, she likes the experience the opportunity to meet another casting director and she has so many other things going for her on the personal level.