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Israeli Week:
'Shirly Brener, Mila BeMila' (Word for Word).

The life of the 27 year old Actress on one hand are dedicated to her 6 month old daughter, and on the other hand to the legacy of her Grandfather , Mila Brener, one of the founding fathers of Israel. Even though she has close and strong connections to Israel and her immense success there, Shirly prefers living here in LA- continue acting, finish her MBA and continue her growing real estate buisness. "I met Shirly on a busy Friday on Sunset Blvd, the city was boiling, but the meeting with Shirly was refreshing. Her personality takes you over, the smile does not leave her face and she tells interesting stories. On Sunday September 18th, from 12 noon at Eretz Culture, the beautiful actress and new mom will host the event for an innovative new festival- first of its kind: an Israeli Women's Festival. This is an oppurtunity to shed some light on the life of the resident of this city , which in Israel is considered a long time ago a top celebrity. Shirly admires women with strong personalities that have "made it" in their respective fields like: Barbara Walters, Angelina Jolie and Goldie Hawn- shirly by the way bares a striking resemblence to the classic actress. Shirly: " I love the idea of a festival for Women, the common opinion is that Women are still discriminated against, including with getting the great roles in cinema. But this attitude is beginning to disappear as a result of Womens movements and organizations. I agreed to volunteer for this project because a lot of the proceeds will go toward womens organizations in Israel".