Yediot Aharonot: (Daily New Paper- Entertainment Section): When Brener Met Simpson:

Actress Shirly Brener alongside singer/actress Jessica Simpson in a new Hollywood blockbuster film. Her funny role as a girl that shops at the Walmart/Costco type store while Dane Cook and Dax Shephard play employees that flirt with her. Also in the film, which is directed by Greg Coolidge is Andy Dick. The comedy in the genre of 'American Pie' is produced by the producers of 'Wedding Crashers' and LionsGate Films, is scheduled for a summer 2006 release.
Brener is known to her Israeli fans as Vered from Ramat Aviv( the popular nightime drama/soap) & host of MTV's Singled Out. Also catch her in 2006 as a lead opposite Armand Assante in The Killing Grounds (aka - Children of Wax) & supporting opposite Steven Seagal in Mercenary for Justice. In April, Brener arrives to Israel to shot the crime drama- 'Honor' / KAVOD, directed and written by award winning director Haim Buzaglo.