TransAtlantic: Shirly Brener on her career, Israel and Jessica Simpson

Direct from the Hollywood Hills in Los Angeles, having an arsenal of films with stars of the like of James Spader, Jessica Simpson and Steven Seagal, Brener also does not let go of projects for her homeland: soon she’s here with a film and a pilot for a lifestyle show with an American flavor and that is not the last of it!

Today, Brener’s present if very sweet indeed, she is the young mom of the amazing baby girl- Mila- 15 months and married to screenplay writer and interior designer – Bruce Rubenstein. Her ever-growing resume is very impressive with a plethora of films in the last few years. Soon we will see her in Jessica Simposn’s new film –“Employee of the Month”.

Brener never spent too much time in Israel, only a few years in which she acted in prime time drama/soap, Ramat Aviv G and Deadly Fortune and in the film Mr. Baum to name a few.

“I guess I am not the typically Israeli import, I grew up in the US and England, I speak English like a native and only go out for completely American roles.

Brener’s disposition is very happy and full of life, she is excited to be committed solely to her career these days, after years of academics in universities. This past year marked a great year for Brener who just completed also the film
Petrified” – a lead for the SciFi Channel, a national Honda commercial and many print jobs.

Brener is getting more and more known amongst the casting community and now sometimes even get specifically requested. She is excited for the opening of “Employee after which she knows she will get more and more opportunities.

As a mom, Brener finds joy in playing with Mila who is becoming quite the little star herself, and has done ads already for SELF, FITPREGNANCY and JC Penny. She loves just taking Mila to Gymboree and hanging out with friends, not all of which are actors, actually Shirly prefers people from all walks of life, lawyers, designers etc.

Shirly feels she is accomplishing her dream every day, she would like to have more stability and not have to worry about the next job but for now she is thankful for her good fortune, all she said came with a lot of hard work, drive and determination. She modestly says: ”I’m not special, I’ve been at it for a while and working my ass off!”

Brener continues to study acting where George Cloony and Alec Baldwin and Kate Hudson studied, with renouned teacher- Milton Katsales, Brener says that the school has taught her how to be a better actor and person and says it’s the best school she has ever gone to!

Brener is excited to be coming to Israel in the summer to shoot Honor- film for acclaimed director Haim Buzaglo…she is also considering buying a home there sometime in the next couple of years.

Shirly now leads an administration group at her home for other actors to help them with their careers. She said the most exciting thing for her is when one of them calls to tell her they got something going good because of her advise or help.


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