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We in America - Shirly Brener - Yellow Energy Bomb

Shirly Brener is a Hollywood up and comer, this month the film "Employee of the Month" starring Jessica Simpson and -shirly , is released wide in the US, not long ago she shot a Lead in a Menahem Golan production, there she starred alongside the charming- Armand Assante. Now she is in Israel shooting Haim Buzaglo's new film, alongside Zeev Revah...and believe it or not, there is more!

Employee of the Month is a big budget production from the makers of "Wedding Crashers" from Lionsgate. This is the biggest production that shirly sais that she had the honor to be in.

These days, the busy actress is shooting a Lead in the indie "Letting Go" which will be making the festival circuit in 2007. Here Brener plays a depressed girl taking prozac. Brener researched the role extensively and claims she had her first anxiety attack while shooting because she identified with her character so deeply.

Next up for Brener is "Bill" starring Aaron Eckhart and Jessica Alba, from GreenStreet Films ("UpTown Girls").
Shirly credits much of her recent success to hard work in the Beverly Hills Playhouse with renouned teacher Milton Katsales and his followers Richard Lawson, and Gary this school people like George Cloony, Michelle Pfiefer and Kate Hudson studied. Brener also coaches privately with Danny Mora who taught- Jennifer Coolidge, George Lopez and Eva Longoria.

Brener still auditions regularly and sais that its hard work and lots of rejection, but that her amazing baby girl - Mila, now 20 months is her inspiration, she also credits her loving husband and his everlasting support and watching Mila when she is away on location

Recently Brener added humanitarian causes that she volunteers her time and heart to, she believes that life has given her so much and she would like to give back...some of these are Narconnon- for drug rehabilitations and The Foundation for Living Beauty for enriching the self esteem of women with cancer.

Shirly's plans for the future? skydiving, trip to India, write a cook book, and give seminars to people who want to fulfill their dreams.