Yediot Aharonot Daily:
Pacino, De Niro and Shirly Brener

The Israeli actress is chosen to be in a movie with the 2 giant icons.

An Israeli actor that is in an American film is no longer a big deal , but an Israeli actor that is cast with De Niro and Pacino is what can be called a real score!
Shirly Brener is now part of this score after being cast in the cop drama “Righteous Kill” starring the two very respected actors.
The film is produced by Millenium owned by Avi lerner and Danny Dimbort, Lati Grobman who is another producer on the film, is a good friend of Brener and recommended her for the project.
Brener, 28, born in Haifa, told us she will be playing a Russian hooker named Natalya , who’s pimp gets murdered and she becomes a main suspect; “I can tell you that I have a scene with both of the big guys, and that is a huge honor .”