Producing Films and TV has always been a sought after pursuit. Raised in a family of MBAs where business deals are a common practice, it was a natural inclination for Brener, continuing to her MBA at Pepperdine University and forming her own production company- Brener Films in 2009.   In 2009 Shirly joined Radar Pictures – One of the 10 highest grossing hollywood companies of all times (The Last Samurai, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Runaway Bride, All About Steve, Chronicles of Riddick) as the new VP of Business Development. She signed a multiple year contract, under which she helped grow the company into its next faze, and produce. Brener worked under Ted Field- one of the greatest figures in business and entertainment in the last 3 decades. Known for starting "Interscope Records" and singing acts such as No Doubt and Eminem. As wll as producing 60 of the most famous titles in film history (Cocktail, Bill and Ted's Greatest ...and many others).  During her time at Radar she sold and pitched TV formats, optioned books and collaborated on movie deals. Some of her recent independent projects include: “Blood Hostage” a mixed martial arts action film, will be shot on Location in Israel starring Vinnie Jones and Scott Adkins directed by famous action director Isaac Florentine. Brener is committed to bringing economic growth to the film industry in Israel by promoting a synergy of products across both continents. Also Shirly just sold a reality format- Demolition Chef to Small World (How I Survived a Japanese Game Show/Big in Japan). Another film Shirly helped put together– the psychological suspense thriller- Session, starring Steven Bauer (ScarFace, Traffic) and Bar Refaeli. She is acts in the film too. Before that she tried her hand in 2 personal documentary films which she produced, directed, wrote, shot and co-edited. One about her father (a famous sport figure and businessman) - Danny the Golden Fish and another about abstract expressionist LA based artist (her hubby) - Bruce Rubenstein. There are many other projects both  TV and film that Brener is developing and pitching.
Brener Films


The Chicago 8- Winner “Best Picture”- Tyler Perry’s Atlanta PeachTree FestivalWinner- "Audience Award Best Picture" -Beverly Hills Film Festival
Courtroom Drama based on the famous trial of 1968 AKA the conspiracy 8
Dir: Pinchas Perry
Starring : Phillip Baker Hall, Danny Masterson, Orlando Jones. Thomas Ian Nicholas

Psychological Thriller
Dir: Haim Bouzaglo
Starring: Bar Refaeli, Steven Bauer, Shirly Brener

Spoof Dramedy about the Music Industry
Starring: Jonathan Silverman, Nikki Six
Completed, #1 IFILMS winner


The Embryo Who Came In From the Cold - Animated Fantasy Feature Film for adults
Dir: Ganit Orian
Shooting - TBD

Blood Hostage
Mixed Martial Arts (KRAV MAGA) action film
Dir: Isaac Florentine
Attached: Vinnie Jones, Scott Adkins
Off The Chart Productions
Pre - Production
Shooting - TBD 

Asleep At the Wheel
Magnolia meets Short Cuts, 4 stories of very interesting people converge by a special event.
Dir: William “Billy” Chartoff
Attached: Donald Sutherland, Rosie Perez, Justin Chatwin
In Development
Shooting - TBD 

Everyone Wants The Kush
Cop Action Comedy (indie Bad Boys, Lethal Weapon) 
Dir: TBA
Attached: Rachel Minor, Treat Williams, Vinnie Jones
Brener Films
In development
Shooting - TBD 

Champions of Life-TV
Reality Show, based on a successful Israeli format
Coming of Age Teenagers overcoming life struggles with a life coach

Demolition Chef-TV
Reality show part America’s Next Top Chef part Monster Garage
Creator: Henry Algerrissi
Domestic and International rights: Small World Productions

Doves in a Blizzard
A wacky pulp fictiony action comedy drama set in the 90’s
Dir: George Gallo
Writers: Rob Weiss , Bruce Rubenstein
Brener Films

Dir: Brendan Connor
Attached: Shirly Brener,
Brener Films
In Development, partially financed 



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