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G.I. Joe: Retaliation
w/Bruce Willis
Voice Paramount Pictures / Jon M. Chu, Dir
Dante's Inferno Animated
w/Eric Roberts
Voice Gotimna Pictures / Boris Acosta, Dir

Dante's Inferno Documented
w/Eric Roberts

Voice Gotimna Pictures / Boris Acosta, Dir
The Cheerleaders Must Die!   Lead LionsGate /  Zeke Pinhero, Dir.
The Killing Time w/Micheal Pere Lead Dreamality Entertainment / Steven James Creazzo, Dir.
w/Danny Trejo

Supporting Dir. Jai Walia
Stitch w/Eduard Furlong

Lead Thunderbolt
Entertainment /dir. Adrian Ajai Mathai
Chicago 8
w/Phillip Baker Hal Danny Masterson
Supporting Independant / Pinchas Perry, dir.
Hit List
w/Joey Lawrence
Lead OIC productions / Minh Collins, dir.
Touched Lead W Entertainment / Red Baron Films
Streets of Blood
w/Val Kilmer, Sharon Stone
Supporting Emmet Furla / Charles Winkler, Dir
w/Michael Madsen
LionsGate / B.C. Hickey, Dir
Righteous Kill
w/Robert De Niro, Al Pacino
Supporting Millenium / Jon Avnet, Dir.
Autodoc Supporting - Lead Independant / Jonathan Whittle-Utter, Dir.
w/Steven Bauer
Supporting-Lead United / Haim Bouzaglo Dir.
Blond Ambition
w/Luke Wilson, Jessica Simpson
Supporting Sony / Scott Marshall, Dir.
War Inc.
w/John Cusack, Hilary Duff, Ben Kingsley
Supporting New Crime Prods / Joshua Seftel, Dir
Letting Go Lead CoyDog Film / Jake Torem Dir.
w/Aaron Eckhart and Jessica Alba
Supporting Green Street Films / Melisa Wallack, Bernie Goldman Dir.
Employee of The Month
w/Jessica Simpson, Dane Cook
Supporting LionsGate Films/Tapestry Films / Greg Coolidge Dir.
Honor (KAVOD)
Supporting - Lead United Films / Haim Buzaglo Dir.
The Killing Grounds
(aka - Children of Wax)
w/Armand Assante, Udo Kier
Lead Weinstein CO. / CinemaScope Films / Ivan Nichev, Dir.
You Don't Mess with the Zohan
w/Adam Sandlar
Columbia Pictures / Dennis Dugan Dir.
Moving In Supporting Griff Furst Dir.
30 days to Die
w/Stephan Furst
Lead Furst Zoom and Doom Films / Griff Furst Dir.
The Death and Life of Bobby Z.
w/Paul Walker,
Laurence Fishburne

Supporting Warner Bros / Alcon Ent. / John Herzfeld Dir.
Mercenary for Justice
w/Steven Segal
Supporting Emmet Furla. Lerner Weldon Productions
/ Don E. FauntLeRoy Dir.
shadow Shadow of Fear
w/James Spader, Aidan Quinn
2 Stix Productions/ North by Northwest / Rich Cowan Dir.
blindhorizon Blind Horizon
w/Val Kilmer, Sam Shephard
Supporting Emmett / Furla Films / Lions Gate Films / Michael Haussman Dir.
marriedpeople Married People Lead New City Releasing/Sunshine Films/ Shanda Fuller Dir.
tailsting Tail Sting Supporting Shoreline Entertainment / Paul Wynne Dir.
grayzone The Gray Zone
w/ Havey Keitel, Mira Sorvino
Supporting Killer Films / Lions Gate / Tim Blake Nelson Dir.
sexaddict Diary of a Sex Addict
w/Rosanna Arquette, Nastassia Kinsky
Supporting Nu Image / Joseph Brutsman Dir.
connecting Connecting Dots Supporting Connecting Dots Productions / Alon Arania Dir.
hijacking Hijacking Hollywood
w/ Henry Thomas
Supporting - Lead Broken Twig Productions / Neil Mandt Dir.
Mr. Baum Supporting - Lead Shani Kislev Films / Asi Dayan, Dir.

Recurring     Comedy Central/Scott Kalvert, Dir 
Chronicles of The Dead Recurring     3N/Brian Hernandez, Dir
The Mondays Series Lead Sony / Dir. Ryan Phillips

2.3 per Week
Guest Star Channel 10 / Dir. Shahar Berlovitch
The Tonight Show w/Jay Leno (comedy/skit)

Co-Star NBC
The Monica 90404 Series Regular Crackle/ Dir. Justin Braun
Criminal Minds Guest Star CBS
Labor Pains w/Lindsay Lohan Supporting ABC / Lara Shapiro, Dir.
HP Lovecraft's The Dunwhich Horror
w/Dean Stockwell
Supporting - Lead SyFy / Bullet Films / Leigh Scott Dir.
Judgement Day Supporting - Lead Spike / Bullet Films / Justing Jones Dir.
Petrified Lead SyFy / FullMoon Films / Charles Band Dir.
Switch (Pilot) Guest Lead Sony Columbia
Run Lead JCS / Kiosk Productions / Assaf Berenstein Dir.
Deadly Fortune Recurring Spot Productions
Ramat Aviv Series Regular G.G Group / Golan Globus
Diary of an Affair Guest Star
Style / E! Entertainment
Rodeo Road (Pilot) Guest Star Mirage Productions
The Mad Doctor / Bloopers Series Regular United Studios
hijacking Armed and Innocent
w/Kate Jackson (M.O.W.)
Supporting NBC/ Jack Bender Dir.
  Friends of the IDF (LA) MC State of Israel Foreign Affairs-Embassy Productions
  Y BE 10 (Entertainment News) Host & Field Reporter YES! (Cable Network)
  Academy Award Special - 2007
Host E! Entertainment (Israel)
  The Industry (Pilot) Lead Host Dick Clark Productions
  Hollywood Dream Host/Reporter United King Films
  Be There TV Field Reporter Steel City Productions
  Extreme Truth or Dare (pilot) Host Freeman Productions
  Singled Out Host MTV & ICP/ Gil Productions
  MTV Grind Party (Tel- Aviv) Host MTC/ Gil & Ziv Productions
  Love Knights (pilot) Host Gil Productions
  Love Story Co- Host Nina Productions
  Guy Pines (Entertainment News) Field Reporter ICP
  Women's Festival Benefit (Israel) / L.A. MC Excellent Productions
  The All American Family Veriety Hour Lead/ Various Characters Secound City Hollywood, Rob Janis, Dir.
  Eccentric (LA Weekly award nominee) Natasha/Supporting - Lead RipRap Theater, Noho, David Steward, Dir.
  Orgasms Eve/Lead understudy Cannon Theater, Dan Israeli Dir.
  It Had To Be You Theda Blou/Lead L.A.V.C,.Armean, Dir.
  The Heidi Chronicles Suzan Jhonston/Lead L.A.V.C, Dr. Donald Hayes Dir.
  The House Of Blues Leaves Corrina Stroller/Supporting-Lead P.M. Mc-Alister, Dir.
  The Seagull Nina/Lead P.M. Mc-Alister, Dir.
  Out For The Count Mina/Lead Aileen Daniel, Dir.
  The Life & Adventure of Nicholas Nickleby Infant Phenomenon, Miliner Aileen Daniel, Dir.
  List available upon request    
Richard Lawson Studios (Master Class) Richard Lawson (LA)
Beverly Hills Playhouse: Scene Study (Advanced Class) Milton Katsales, Richard Lawson (LA)
Second City (Conservatory Graduate - Alumni) Various
Private Coach/Audition Technique/Comedy, Sitcom, Improv, technique and skills. Danny Mora (LA)
On Camera Seminar Richard Lawson (LA)
Technique, Scene Study, Improvisation, Cold Reading Robert F. Lyons (LA)
Cold Reading Workshop & On Camera Acting Terrance Hines (LA)
Commercial Coach / Technique Jill Alexander
Jazz and Hip-Hop Millennium Dance Studio (LA)
Vocal Coach Anoush Nevart (LA)
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Dialects: Russian, Polish, Easten European, British, Valley Girl, New York, Southern, German, Middle Eastern
Languages: Fluent Hebrew
Dance: Jazz & Hip-Hop & Ballet  
Sports: Tennis, Swimming (all styles), Water Skiing, Wind Surfing, Surfing, Snow Skiing, Ice Skating, Roller Blading, Yoga, Bikram Yoga, Volleyball, Bowling, Weight Training, Ping-Pong, Fire Arm Experience, Karate, S Factor.
Equestrian: English Style  
  US and foreign passports, can work outside the US with either passport.
B.A. Art History U.S.C.
M.A (Current) M.B.A Pepperdine University
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